Make Money Online and Use Jedi SEO Strategies to Drive Traffic

One of the key ways to bring web traffic to your site is SEO. Which stands for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google make money through advertising. The more people that come to their site, the more they can charge for the advertising. What Google does is provide relevant information surrounding the topic that you are searching. They use an algorithm to find specific keywords on internet websites and then list those sites on their site in order of probable relevance. So when you’re choosing a topic that you want to write about on your blog, you want to choose high ranking keyword phrases. Also, you want to make sure those phrases have relevance to what you’re writing about. This allows the reader to obtain the information for which they are looking. Google will then in turn rank your site higher. So if you are a plumber in Florida that was trying to get his website ranked, you would want to use relevant keyword phrases. Your keyword phrase would be Orlando Florida Plumber with 20 years experience. You are providing the relevant information for which the reader is looking. Do your research and ask yourself what does my website, product or service do that solves a problem. Then use ranking keywords to describe your website, product or service.
Now the best way to find out about those keywords is to ask google. Just type in “Adwords keyword tool” in their search field and it will give you the link to their tool. Then you would type in the phrase that you think you want to use. I like to check all three of the boxes under the match type field. You are looking for the highest ranking keywords with the least competition. Now remember that we are looking for relevant keywords. If your best match to what you want to talk about is only 1000 searches a month, that is still good. We would want to do this same search per page of your website. So if one page of your website gets, lets say 500 searches a month, well that is still valuable traffic. Just make sure that you are using the best keyword phrase as it relates to your topic,goods or services. Also, be careful not to bank on the volume of traffic as it relates to your keyword phrase. Those numbers that Google are showing are not a hard numbers. It can very up in down on a monthly basis. It is more of a guide.
Another service you can you use is a website called . They pull their search information from other search engines like Yahoo. They will display their word search on a daily basis rather than a monthly. So use the two tools in tandem to get a good idea of where the traffic is. This is the same concept that McDonalds used to build an offline business. They built their restaurants where there was traffic.
I wanted to also point out that you can use this tool to see what you competitors are using for their keywords. Go back to the adword tool and instead of leaving the as the url change it to your competitors website. The tool will search your competitors website to see what keywords they are going after. The tool will give you additional keywords that you may not have thought about.
Another keyword tool you can use is call google insights. The url for this tool is Once you get to this webpage put your keyword phrase in the search portion of the tool and it will give you related phrases and how they are trending. You then would take the top trending phrase and go back to the keyword tool and type it in. Now you have additional keywords to pick from. This process will do two things. It will tell you if you are on the right track with your keywords and it will give you additional keywords for future pages of your website.
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