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How To Build a Huge G+ Network

If You Build Your G+ Network They Will Come

The first step in utilizing social networking to drive traffic to your website is to build your social networks. I am pretty sure most people these days are familiar with Facebook. Most are not, however, familiar with Google s new social media platform called G+ or Google Plus. It is one of the best networks to start with, because they don t play any stupid games like FB and Twitter.  FB and Twit s following rules are never really specified. You end up getting penalized by the Twit and FB Gods. Suddenly and without warning you will just simply  get your account suspended.  You have to learn their rules through trial and error. It is a true pain for people that are trying to honestly stay within their guidelines. Google doesn t do that.  They simply give you so many follows a day and then your done until the next day. Also, when you post to G+, your post will be searchable on Google which will help you with your websites SEO. I like the m

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Going Public!

What a game changer for Empire Avenue. Anyone that is currently active on this social network/ Game will get a lot more exposure to their networks.

Empire Kred

Next week (between February 17-19, 2014) we will be opening up more of Empire Avenue so that content can be viewed outside without being logged in through search engines or by people without logging into or having an account on Empire Avenue. Of specific note to our current users will be the following:


Mission Creators will get an option to set a Mission as not being visible without being logged in to Empire Avenue. Please note: Missions graded poorly by automated and manual systems will not show up without being logged in even if you choose to make it visible. Read more about how to write a good mission and also examples of how we grade Missions.

Missions created before this release will be defaulted to not being visible without logging into Empire Avenue.

The People’s Market

All items posted in the People’s Market will now be visible without…

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