Start Successful Blog by Practicing the Three V’s

Want to Start Successful Blog? Sure you do. Everyone wants to be successful in their chosen field but not everyone will. There are lots of things stacked against you. Lack of experience, lack of knowledge, lack of skill. All that will come, however, if you are practicing the three V s. Yeah, it is not rocket science. If you are not doing these three things, however, then you may as well pack it in. You will not be successful. The Number One V Stands for Value Duh? Right! Wrong. People get this wrong more often than not. One of the first things bloggers get wrong when they first start off is to make their blog one big commercial for whatever affiliate program they are hot about. In their excitement to make their first million as a blogger they forget that the internet is driven by content. Telling people why they should join your particular affiliate program over and over again in a thousand different ways does not constitute content or at least not valuable content. Your blog must be

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