Make Money Online For Free, Huh?

There Is No Such Thing As Free First off let s just say that there is no such thing as free.There is a cost to everything. I have read so many articles on the web advocating that you should not have to pay to earn money online. What a crock of poop! They clearly have no business acumen whatsoever. Every business has a cost associated with it. It may be the huge cost of rent, mortgage, payroll or a myriad of other costs that are associated with  running a business. If you are in business for yourself, then you are spending money in one form or another. Internet Marketers, Social Media Marketers and Webmasters are blessed that we are not supporting the same overhead as a brick and mortar business, but we still have costs. Look For Value I am associated with an affiliate program where I pay a monthly fee. I am happy to do it. The reason, I receive value from their service.  It is what the entire American Free Enterprise System is all about. I create a good or service that holds value f

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