Are You In A Business? Hard Questions You Need to Ask

Are You in a Business or a Hobby? The first thing in determining whether or not you are in a business is to determine your motivation. Some people, when they start a business do not have a clear motive in mind. Your first motive should be to make money.  If that is not your main motivation, then your motive is wrong. Don t get me wrong, there are a lot of ingredients to a successful business, but your main motivation must be to make money. Otherwise, it is a hobby or a charity. Neither of which is a bad thing. Most people, however, need a money making business to support themselves. Have You Determined Your Commitment Level? To have a successful business means you have to be committed to that business in some form or fashion. The higher your commitment, the more successful you will be. Some people, have no idea what they are getting themselves into, when they open a business. I don t believe in a turn key business. It is a marketing phrase more than a reality. Granted, there are est

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