Social Selling Requires Social Engagement

 Without Social Engagement You re Just Spamming We all are busy and have only so much time to blog, market and have a life. I get it. I am there too. All too often, however, we just write a blog post and throw it against the proverbial social wall and hope that it sticks. Not a great social media strategy. Social selling doesn t work that way. Why? It is because people do not work that way. Social selling is about building relationships,  that lead to trust, that lead to credibility. After which,  garnering support, leads to sales. So how do we create engagement. Engagement is Much Like You Make Friends In Real Life Remember when you had a life? Seems so far away right now, but I do still remember. Typically, you meet people at a social event, strike up a conversation. You realize you have common ground, exchange contact information and then one invites the other to another social event surrounding the found common ground.  In social media it is similar. You will typically meet on

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