DIY Sweat Equity, Blogger Style

Blogging Is the Ultimate DIY Sweat Equity Play The idea of sweat equity is to create value in a business or property by pouring your own  labor and creativity into it. Most of the time the project already has  some underlying value at the get go.  Not so with blogging. You start with nothing but a blank canvas.  You create the value from your own mind.  Napoleon Hill once wrote if you can conceive it and believe it then you can achieve it Blogging is the ultimate act of creativity and faith. Not just faith in a business plan,  it is also a test of the faith that you have in yourself. Blogging Makes You Bet On Yourself As the owner of and sole employee of the business that is your blog , you rise and fall by your own efforts. The more dedication and work that you put into your blog, the better the results will be. Sure you can hire writers to do the work for you, but it will not have the passion and fire that readers crave. People want to see you on a plate. When I write, it is a

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