Use Social Media to Find Your Target Audience

 Use the Social Media Search Bar Some time ago I was talking to a friend of mine. He was frustrated because he felt like he wasn t getting any traction using social media for his business pursuits. So I asked him what was working for him? Most of the things he was doing were offline activities. So I asked him what are you doing on social media? He stated that he had a Facebook page but not much was happening with it. I suggested a few ideas but then it dawned on me that most people don t realize what a powerful tool social media can be! For instance lets say you are a Financial Planner and you re trying to use social media to attract attention to your services. One of the things you can do is use the search bar of most of the social media platforms to target small business owners. For instance, you could search a county chamber of commerce or a state Chamber of commerce. You could search for a local investment club chapters. If you were using Facebook you could go to there site and c

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