Link Building Is Dead, Mmm Not!

Google Killed Sketchy Link Building Techniques With it s latest 2 algorithm updates, Google has eliminated a lot of back link shenanigans. As a result, a lot of misinformation has been disseminated surrounding backlinks. A backlink is a url link placed on one website that links to another website. Many have said that Google no longer uses these types of backlinks as a ranking factor because Google squashed the artificially generated backlinking techniques. In the past many webmasters took advantage of these techniques in an effort to cheat the system. The truth is Google still uses backlinks as a ranking factor along with 200 other ranking factors. Google tested the system with and without the backlink  factor and decided that they were getting better quality website rankings with the backlinks as a factor than without. Social Media Popularity Is the New Ranking Factor! Ya think? Think Again Google says no! Social media is not a substantial ranking factor. Why? The biggest reason is

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