Link Earning or Link Building? Which Fits Best Now?

Maybe It is Time for  a Change of Focus In my previous blog, I talked about the need to change our focus less on link building and more on quality content. I also shared that although link building is not dead, it should no longer be the driving force behind our marketing efforts. Which catch phrase should be used to describe our new efforts, I will let you decide.  Let s face it, however, we need traffic to our site. We need high quality backlinks that will help search engines recognize our websites as worthy of good rankings. Since a lot of things have changed about how backlinks are created to our web pages. I wanted to give you a few helpful ideas over the next couple of blog posts to get it done. Let s start with some ideas that have been around for a while but have not really been seen as low hanging fruit. Then we will move into some techniques that you may not have considered. Guest Blog Marketing, Is It Really Worth Doing? Yeah it is! If you do it right. There are some spec

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