On Page SEO the Basics of Blog Success

Use SEO Related Title Tags The use of Title tags is the most important part of your SEO. Your title is what is used by Google and the other search engines to determine if the page that is on your website is congruent with the search parameters that have been entered by the user. So if your title does not match up with the words that were entered by the searcher, they will not be able to find your page. Your keyword or phrase should be in your title and the rest of the title should be descriptive of the content of your article. The title should sell the reader on clicking through. They have a need and you have the answer to their need. You must attract them to you through your title.  Use SEO Descriptive Meta Tags Meta tags were at one time one of the single most important items that you needed on your website. They were used by search engines to determine your page ranking. They became methods of spam by including a bunch of tags that had nothing to do with the actual site. They even

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