Can Free Ezine Sites Create Free Backlinks?

Free Ezine Articles Are Old School I recognize that this is not a new or innovative marketing/SEO technique.  A lot of people, however, do not take advantage of this free marketing source. Why not? That is the question I ask myself. I think it is because they require a certain amount of extra work that many bloggers just aren t willing to put in. Maybe it is because the technique is so old that many people discount it s effectiveness. Maybe, it just doesn t hold the spotlight that video marketing now holds.  Whatever the reason, ezine article writing is still worth doing and still creates free backlinks! Free Ezine Sites Rank There are a lot of ezine companies that have been out there for years. Their sites have gained a high authority status. When you write an article, you get an opportunity to create a profile page just like you do on social media. Guess what you get to put on your profile page? Yes indeed, your blog url. What does that create? That is right! It creates a free bac

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