Global Recession Over, What Will You Do The Next Time?

Global Recession Is Over, Kind Of The recession that officially started in the US sparked a global economic downturn that eventually led most of the world s countries down the recession road. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research the US ended its recession on June 2009. While we came out of the recession, the US is far from back to normal . Millions of middle aged Americans were forced to leave the workforce do to forced retirement packages. Those that were downsized without any retirement benefits have not been able to find a way back into the workforce  at anywhere near the previous salary levels, thats if they were able to get back in at all. The global economy as a whole is still very sluggish and many countries are still mired in economic woes. The Global Recession Caught Most by Surprise Most people in general were ill prepared for an extensive period of unemployment. Many families found themselves financially ruined and homeless. Home foreclosures reached a nea

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