Why You Should Have A Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus Is Mother Google s Baby Every business in the world should have a web presence. Every smart business person knows that if you want to  drive any significant traffic to that website you have to garnish the favor of the search engines.  In particular, Google. Recently, Google release a video on YouTube that stated that they do not use social media signals as a significant rating factor. That may be true of let s say FB but when it comes to their own social media platform or layer as they like to refer to it, things are a little bit different. Every Google Plus Post is Searchable When Posted to the Public So when you create a business page on G+ the information in your post s are searchable. Your search engine visibility is drastically increased.  I have created blog post s that have not ranked on Google but were ranked on Google under my G+ post.  That is an SEO game changer!  Even the hashtags that you use in your G+posts will show up in Google s search results! G+ i

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