Small Change On Google Plus Speaks Volumes!

Google Plus Made a Small Change Did You Miss It? Recently G+ made a subtle change to the way that they post your social value on their system. There was no significant fan fair but the message was loud and clear. Previously, when you clicked on someone s profile, G+ would display  the amount of people that had you in their circles. Now they display the amount of views that you have had. Google Plus Made a Small Change Did You Miss It?Click To Tweet – Powered By CoSchedule The Number Of Followers is a Bad Analytic Clearly G+ is not as interested in how many people have circled you as much as they are interested in how many people actually view your content. If you go to a profile that has let s say a 1,000 followers but has a million views then clearly that user is more successful than a G+ user that has 5,000 followers and only one hundred thousand views. The view count is calculated by sum of your profile, post and picture views since October 2012. This feature can be turned on o

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