Internal links Are Good SEO

Don t Make Newbie SEO Mistakes Ok, so you are all fired up! You have a shiny new website and a shiny new affiliate program and you re going to make a million dollars tomorrow! So the first thing you do is make your website one huge endless stream of affiliate links.  Nobody is going to miss what you re selling! Got it. Have you considered, however, that maybe you are killing your hopes of anyone ever seeing your shiny new website? Search Engines Don t Like Links On Every Page If you have an affiliate site that you are promoting then consider creating a landing page on your own website. Have all your links point to your new landing page that is on your website. That way you can create a sales page that imparts your personality and style. It continues the good flavor that you have created in your blog. It also makes people more comfortable clicking on a link that leads to a page on your website. Let s face it, there are too many bad people trying to scam people by pointing them to link

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