Easy Ways Make Money Online!!


If It Were Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It

I was surfing the internet today and I came across a blog about a WordPress plugin called WP Robot. I was like cool! Let me check it out! I am always looking for a new gadget that will make my site better! So I am reading the blog and I suddenly realized OMG another scam! This one basically goes like this. If you buy this plugin and install it on any WP website it will automatically add money making content to your site.  You will never have to do anything accept promote the website, if you want to. Really? What a bunch of BS. If I could pay a couple of hundred dollars to get free content that ranks, then I would jump on it right? I mean who wouldn t? Needless to say if it were that easy everyone would do it. Why would Google take used content and rank it just because it is now on your site? The answer is they will not! The true secret to internet success is simply


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