Possible Nod to Change In Search Engine Google


Popularity Has Never Been a Ranking Factor

Recently Google put a video out explaining why popularity has never been a ranking factor. Previously page rank or page authority was not defined by the amount of traffic the website received but rather by the amount of links that were attached to that page. Google still attaches authority to the amount of links that a page receives but has recently added to its algorithm a way of attaching authority based on the quality of those links. Here in this video there seems to be yet another factor that Google intends on making. Now It Seems Google Wants To Add A Topical Layer To It s Results With Google s continuous pursuit of refining it s search engine results, Google seems to be adding a topical layer. They are trying to to define what your site is all about based on  the  anchor texts of the links about your site. So if you create a link to a page on my site that has a hyperlink that reads make money blog then Google will use that as a iden

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