Success Through Imitation

My Formative Years When I was growing up and going to high school, I was caught between the world of the popular and the world of the unpopular. I never associated myself with one more than the other. I was a football player, wrestler, weight lifter and a member of the chorus. So although I got a couple of comments about being a chorus boy , nobody really wanted to take it too far. My parents were and are devout Baptist. That meant that when the church doors were open, we were there! I was always brought up to believe that God does not favor one person above another. In his eyes we were all equal in his site and all loved equally. It was this vantage point that allowed me to be comfortable spending my time with the unrefined diamonds of the world, as well as the superstars. A Diamond in the Making There was a young man, that I knew who was round and jolly. He was quick with a smile. He had no athletic ability and no ambition to obtain it. Thus his roundness. He was never really looked

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