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Sometimes You Get What You Pay For When I was a young man I entered the world of financial services with the idea that I would make a million dollars quick. I dreamed of driving fancy cars and dining out at fancy restaurants. What I didn t know is what I didn t know. I started by investing the little bit of money that I made, in stocks. I really had no idea what I was doing. I would pick a stock based on some recomendation that I read in a magazine. I had no system or knowledge about what to look for in a good investment. I also didn t understand how stocks were manipulated. If someone said buy then I did. I figured they knew what they were talking about because they wrote about it in a magazine article. It wasn t until I started educating myself and developing my own investment instincts, that I started making money. Until that point all I did was lose money. Sound familiar? It should if you are trying to start out in internet marketing. Free Information Is Sometimes Misinformation Y

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