Be a Rock Star In Social Media!

So what are the makings of a Rockstar in Social Media ? Would it be defined as their ability to draw a large group of followers? Is it the large number of likes, love or plusses? Is it the comments they get? For me it isn t any one of these things. Think of the comparison. A rockstar is a charismatic personality that seduces, captures and elicits an emotional response from their audience. People start dressing like them. They change their hair to look like them. They imitate their style and persona. Now, that may not be the case with the social media rockstars but there are similarities. Social Media Rockstars Create  Platforms They start with  a personal point of view. Something they stand for. They create interactions and information surrounding that POV. Some social media rockstars do it with art. It can be pictures, photography, video or graphics. Some will use the medium of music. Some will use a sports medium or news.  I have seen some that use fashion or current events sur

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