Webmaster Tools by Google

Partner With Google Wow! Did you know that Google wants to partner with you? It s true! They want to partner with you to help you have a better website. Google has a website that is dedicated to helping you be a better webmaster. The y have a video blog on YouTube. They have a tool where you can find out how fast your site is and what are the things you need to change to speed it up. They have a free tool called Google Analytics that tells you how much website traffic you re getting and where it is coming from.  All this information is a service that Google provides called webmaster tools. Best of all it is absolutely free. Why Does Google Care? Google has a mission to make sure that internet users have the best user experience possible. The more successful you are as a webmaster, the happier the end users will be. Google is happy to share information and services that will create a better internet. They even provide a service where they will actually manage your site for you. They

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