Change Daily Routine To Change Your Life

Small Changes In Your Daily Routine Add Up Alcoholics Anonymous has a  motto live one day at a time . Many times people that look to make changes in their lives, think too globally. When we paint pictures in our minds that are too big, it is hard for our brains to believe that this big change can occur. Without a buy in from our brains, we cannot create changes. The easiest way to create change is to take a big change and break it down in smaller more bite size pieces that our brains can digest. Start small and then build on that small change with additional changes that you create daily. For example, let s say that you want to lose weight and exercise. More often than not, people often make the mistake of getting up and putting on their running shoes and start running until they are exhausted. The next day they are sore and miserable. Do they run again? No, they quit because they are sore and they don t feel well.  The right thing to do, is to put on your walking shoes and take a s

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