Success is in The Network

How many times have you heard that success is in the list. Although that has merit, I think that success today is in your network. There was a time that people equated a person s success by the size of their rolodex. The more cards that a person had on that rolodex, the more business contacts they could call. The contacts were built by face to face interactions.Today we have social media. It is a little harder to point to your follower list and say that is my network. How many people are on your follower list that you have actually had personal contact with? 20 or 30 maybe? That is not a network. Your Network Should Represent Real Personal Contacts Posting cute pictures on your news feed does not create a true contact. When was the last time you went to other people s profile pages and broke the ice? Something like hey I noticed you re from OH, you must be a buckeye fan. or hey you have a great profile page, what brings you to the internet? or hey I really like those cute pictures you

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