Tired of Living Life in the Matrix?


Back in 1999 a movie came out called The Matrix which was a successful sci fi thriller. They went on to make two more sequels that were entertaining but did not make as poignant a statement as the first movie did. I believe that the first movie was a statement about how our society has programed us to become working automatons. We spend our days going to and from work without even noticing that years pass and we have no meaning or purpose in our lives. Suddenly we look up and we recognize that our lives are half over and we have accomplished nothing that we set out to do. Our only accomplishment is a dead end job and a mountain of debt.



Are You More Than Just a Battery?

We are really and truly sources of power. If you survey every religion in the world, there is one truth that they all agree on. We have a spark of divinity within us! We have power. We have energy that flows through us and comes out of us in the form of creation. We are creating our reality daily. Unfortunately, we a

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