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Corporate America Is Not Your Friend Have you ever wondered why they have a department called Human Resources . I mean corporations are basically announcing the fact that you are no more important to them than the computer that sits on your desk. Whether you live or die does not matter to the corporation, just as long as the paperwork is filed correctly.You have to start protecting yourself. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness rents are going up while family incomes are not. Middle class Americans are having trouble making ends meet, meanwhile the poor are suffering. What can be done? You have to start thinking like a business person. A business person never put s all his eggs in one basket. You have to have multiple sources of income. Forget the Thirty Year Plan So many people are on the 30 year plan. They work and slave at a job they hate believing in the unlikely opportunity of retiring at age 65. Corporate America will not help you retire. They don t even off

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