Pinterest Marketing Ideas

Up and Coming Social Network According to The Next Web there are currently 70 million users and growing on Pinterest. That number is impressive but doesn t compare to the billion plus users that Facebook boasts. That being said, the Pinterest user list continues to get larger year after year. What is the draw. They have a unique way of  sharing information through pictures. As a user you have the ability to create your own board. You can post pictures to that board that have some interest to you and are congruent with the theme of the board you have created. You can follow other users and invite people that you know from other social media platforms that have profiles on Pinterest. You can then follow their boards as well. For every board that you follow you create a unique feed. Every time someone posts on their board that post will be sent to your feed so that you can view it. If they follow your board then they will receive your pictures on their feeds. Install a Pinterest Button

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