Ways to Avoid Scams Online

The internet is the next gold rush. It is full of opportunity and the smell of success. Where else can you go from basically penny less college student to a billionaire in a span of a few years All that glitters, however, is not gold. To take the gold rush metaphor one step further, we have to remember that a lot of would be millionaires left the goldfields of California  broken and beaten. So what can you do to protect yourself? My advice, use a little common sense. If It is Too Good to be True, It Probably Is So many people run to the internet like innocent children. They believe that they will strike it rich. They are promised this and that and are game to flush their hard earned money down the toilet without really doing some simple analysis. If a company says, you can make 10,000 dollars a month with little or no work , then my common sense tells me that is bull spit. There is no legal easy money . There is high risk and high reward. There is hard work that pays off big. There i

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