Why You Have The Most Boring Blog Ever!

I love my fellow bloggers! They are a unique and wonderfully giving group of people. I know they are giving because blogging is all about working for free for the first year. For many it may be longer. One reason could be that your blog is just plain boring. Sometimes I read blogs and they make me want to go to sleep. Worst yet, I sit there wondering when they are going to get to the point. I mean unless you are entertaining me or educating me, please don t waste my time ! Below I give you four reasons that your blog is just plain Booooring! First Reason Your Blog Is Boring Your website is colorless and has no pictures! Men are the worst when it comes to this. I admit I really struggled with this myself. It wasn t until I went to some different lady bloggers pages, that I got turned onto the idea of color and pictures. If you don t have that visual pop it is kind of like going to a job interview at a prison. You are not going to really get a warm and fuzzy feeling about that potenti

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