Find Inspiration Today for Your Blog Using This Tool

Many times we as bloggers hit a wall when it comes to finding topical content. There is so much information whirling around the internet, it is hard to focus on just one topic and go with it. One way of finding writing topics is by finding the keywords people are using to search for their content. Last year. Google changed their keyword tool. to this extremely cumbersome behemoth. I found myself looking for a better keyword search tool . Well I am happy to say I found one that rocks! Find Inspiration Today by Finding A Popular Niche Maybe you haven t even started a website but you want to know a popular niche to start with. This tool will let you test different Niche search phrases to determine if you are writing about something people want to read about in the first place. Once you find a niche, this tool will even let you search for urls that are available. Find Inspiration Today by Knowing Your Competition This tool will tell you how many other blog sites are using the exact same

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