On having lost a loved one

This is a story that many of us can relate to and empathize with. Love and loss always go hand and hand.

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Everyone in the world has lost a loved one to life’s eventuality at some point or the other. Do you remember the first time you lost a dear one?

My elder brother Ratan was less than three years my senior. He finished schooling from Campion School, Bhopal and followed it up with an M.A. in Economics and topping it all up with an M.B.A. with a Finance major. With his wedding date already fixed, my family decided that even I had grown up sufficiently to get married. Things moved fast and my mother had to call to halt the printing of the invitation cards because there was a ‘change in some details’. The poor guy must have imagined a change in the date or the venue at most, but I am sure he must have had to hold on to something when he heard that another couple was being added…

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