Get Out Debt Budget

Most people find themselves in debt because they end up having more month than money. So in order to make ends meet they end up extending their income via credit cards or payday loans. Neither of which is a great option for financing your lifestyle. Both have extremely high interests rates and end up costing you a lot more money than you originally borrowed. So what can you do to get out from under the mountain of debt that you have created for yourself? The first step is to create a budget. A Get Out of Debt Budget Must Start With Tracking Spending Habits Everyone has a monthly nut to crack. Rent or house payments, food and utilities. Most of the time, however, we are ignorant as to what we are spending our money on. 5 dollars here 10 dollars there and the next thing you know we have blown our budget. So if you are in debt you must track your daily expenses. Write down everyday for a month what you spend your money on. Then categorize your expenses. For instance entertainment, hous

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