What is an Email Autoresponder?

Email Autoresponders have been around for a while now. Originally they were being used for large scale email marketing campaigns AKA spam. Autoresponders are computer programs that are programed to send a message out to a select list of email addresses. There are usually multiple lists and multiple messages designed to drive internet traffic to various digital presentations or provide information to a businesses customers. They can also be used to send an automated response to anyone that sends an email to a posted email address. So if you wanted to post some automated message without having to physically send it out yourself, you could do that with an email autoresponder. This technique is often used in web pages and classified ads. How Email Autoresponders are Used Today Today, there are very few effective unsolicited mass email campaigns, do in part to the new anti-spam laws that have been put in place. Also, the new spam filtering software packages that usually come with most comm

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