Secret Little Trick Achieve Social Media Success

Everyone wants to be successful on social media. Everyone from the the recently retired grandma to the high powered corporate social media  manager. For businesses it comes down to dollars and cents. For the everyday day Joe it is just a fun hobby. So what are the keys to being successful on social media? Well there are a few secret little tricks that are a great way of getting a lot of  traffic and post engagement. Secret Little Trick To Achieve Social Media Success One One of the major tricks to being successful on social media is volume. It is not enough to just make a couple of posts a day and then call yourself done. That is a poor social media strategy. If you want to be successful, you must make 15 or so posts per day per network throughout the day. Why so much you may ask? It is not because you need to be an overachiever or anything. It has more to do with the algorithms that various social media networks use. When you make a post, that post may or may not make it onto yo

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