Free Traffic To My Website

How do I get Free Traffic To My Website? That is the question that I most often get. It is a good question too! A lot of people will tout the benefits of paid traffic but who wants to keep paying and paying for traffic that should be coming for free. There are a ton of strategies to get traffic. Here are a few of my favorites.

Use Social Media

I know what you re thinking. Michael, I am already on social media! I have a FB page and a G+ page and Twitter. Why I even have a Pinterest page! Well that is awesome and you know what I call that, A Good Start! Not the response you were expecting was it? Well social media is made up of more than just these platforms. There are some awesome sites out there that you should be taking advantage of like Stubble Upon, Delicious, Reddit, Scoop it, Digg, Tumblr and Pheed it. Just to name a few. You can also add Flickr and Instagram to that long list. What about Squidoo and The list could go on. Now I don t spend every waking hour of ever

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