Why Am I Depressed?

Maybe that is a question that you have been asking yourself. The main cause of depression is anger turned inward. Perhaps you are in a job that you hate but cannot see a way out of it. Maybe you have a relationship that is filled with anger and betrayal. I don t know what the reasons are but I do know that you have to find the source of what is making you angry and make a change. Sometimes the anger is locked up in our past. When this happens you may need to get someone to help you get at the root of the issue. Most of the time it is a parent or a trusted friend that has caused us pain in our lives. When that happens there is but one option which is to acknowledge it, forgive  and forget. When you allow anger to fester there is a chemical reaction that occurs that can create a vicious cycle in your life. Below are some tips to help you break that cycle. Get Some Exercise I know that sounds trite. The truth is, however, that when we exercise we release endorphins that help to battle t

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