How To Publish An Article – That Is Search Engine Ready?

When you are writing an article it must always start with an idea. You start with nothing but a blank page. The idea is then translated onto the written page. It is your personal act of creation. Once created, you want your article to be seen by all so that your creation can add benefit to someone elses life. But how do you publish an article so that people will get to read it? When it comes to article writing online you have to  start by translating your idea into a search friendly format. How To Publish An Article- That Is Search Engine Ready? Convert Your Idea Into a Ranking Keyword or Phrase Most people that start publishing articles on the web have no idea what keyword research is or why it is important. However, in the world of the internet, a ranking keyword or phrase is a must. By converting your idea into a ranking keyword phrase, you are making it easier for people to find the information you are trying to convey. So in this case I wanted to write an article about writ

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