Get Rid of Your Excuses and Take Action

Have you ever tried to accomplish something and failed. That feeling of failure has to be one of the most devastating emotions. Some people never get over it and try to avoid it at all costs. They are the excuse makers. They see something that needs to be done and then realize that they might fail. Instead of creating a plan and moving forward, they make excuses as to why they can t do it. Maybe they even say it can t be done. In some extreme cases that fear of failure drives them further and further into a hole of despair until they can t see anything that they can do. They are hopeless and beaten. The Feeling Of Failure Is A Lie We all have natural gifts and strengths. However, not one of us walked out of our mothers womb. We all had to learn to walk. We all had to learn to talk. We all had to learn to tie our shoes. Our entire lives are built on trial and error. No one is a born success. We all must fail first, learn and then build on that knowledge. That learning process is repeat

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