How to Make Money Writing Articles

So many ways to make money writing articles but so little time. That is my biggest issue.There are 24 hours in a day and I still want to have a life. I want to go over three ways you can make money writing articles and still have a life. So how can we get the biggest bang for our buck long term? That is how I think about it. I am going to be putting the same amount of time writing in any given day. I can write for other people or I can build something for me. In my mind the best use of my time is to build something for me. Maybe that is not you. Maybe you just want to write and get paid. That is fine too. I get that. I try to do a little of that but for the most part I want to build something that I am going to get paid for on long term basis. Make Money Writing Articles for Your Own Blog This one is clearly obvious. You are reading an article that I created on my blog. Yes writing blog articles for myself is clearly my priority. Why? For the reasons that I alluded to in my intro. I w

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