Best Ways to Earn Extra Money Using Social Media

Apart from my well documented belief that creating your own blogging website is the absolute best way to earn extra money, I also wanted to give you a couple more. These options are easy to do and don t require a lot of investment of time or money. What I like about these techniques is that anyone can do it and it can be done for free. Earn Extra Money Using Clickbank Clickbank is a repository of just about every online affiliate marketing opportunity on the planet. Everything from health products to how to get better gas mileage. Every single one has an affiliate link that leads to a landing page. All of these affiliate programs are free to represent. First you have to register with ClickBank by completing the typical registration requirements ie: name, address and phone number. You would also have to fill out a 1099 for tax purposes. After you have completed the registration you would navigate to the Marketplace tab. There you will find a side tab that has every category of  affili

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