Why the Cost of Advertising on Facebook is a Good Deal

When I started looking at paid advertising I avoided Facebook all together. I was skeptical of it s ability to deliver real value for my dollar. It was great for keeping in touch with family and friends but how was it going to really help me as an online marketer? It wasn t until I dabbled in promoting some posts that I realized the potential that Facebook had in delivering real traffic for relatively little cost. Now I know that I have said in the past not to use paid advertising to promote your blog. Especially when you are first starting out. I still hold true to that belief. Facebook, however, has some features that allow you to control your costs without breaking your bank and ultimately your will. We attach so much emotion to money. The last thing I want you to do is spend money unnecessarily, have a bad result and then give up. That is why I feel that the cost of advertising on Facebook is a good deal. You can start with a budget of $5 bucks and still get some decent results. N

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