Traffic Zion Review | Fully Automates Traffic to Your WordPress Website

Here is a quick video about a new software that has launched. I don’t promote that many software’s. I find them to be really annoying to set up. So I tend not to promote them that often but when I find a good software that I know that works. I always give it a shout-out and try and let people know about it.

The software that I’m promoting today is called traffic Zion and I’m actually quite excited about this software this has been put together by Demetris Papadopoulos. He is actually from Greece. I met Demetrius in Portugal last October at the internet marketing summit in Portugal.

Really really cool, very vocal and very professional. He’s put a lot of hard work into this software, a lot of testing and guys, this does exactly what he says it does. This is true traffic science. The software is simple to setup. Once it is setup, you do not have to do any additional work. It is truly a set it and forget it product.

Really virtually anyone can use it to start getting consistent free traffic on complete auto-pilot.The traffic is from a reputable free platform. The software is suitable for any niche possible.  I know this sounds too good to be true but it works the very day you install it. This has been tested by myself personally I’ve seen other marketers who have tested it as well and they’re getting great results with it.

I am so excited about this and excited for you to check it out.  I’m gonna show you how this is all set up. This software is a windows-based it’s compatible with Macs and PC’s.

All you do is download this software onto your desktop and you let it run on your desktop and it just naturally brings traffic to your WordPress blog.

I’ll demonstrate  this process to you in the video.  The great thing about this product is it follows all ethical guidelines and it’s not going to jeopardize your websites status with Google search or with any of the other search engines as well. This software functions as if it were a real person visiting other people’s blogs: liking, commenting on each blog as if it were a real person. The difference is that this software operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I have seen other software programs that where too aggressive and it ends up triggering a negative response within the WordPress infrastructure causing the account to be banned. That will not occur here because the software immolates the actions of a real person at the pace of a real person. The net result is that you get slow consistent increases in traffic volume everyday, every month every year. That doesn’t even count the natural increase in followers that will follow your blog.

It is estimated that there are over 37,500,000 WordPress sites on If your niche subject represented just 10% of that many sites that means that 3.7 million have the potential of seeing your blog over time.

How it works is  you install the software on your computers desks top. You choose your “niche” which  simply put, is the topic of your overall blog. Your traffic is generated by Traffic Zion and through natural search. The longer Traffic Zion is working on your  blog the better your search results will be. Traffic Zion encourages interaction. One of the key ranking factors for a blog is social  interaction, so if your blog posts are getting likes and shares, that will really go a long way to helping your blog posts to gain in “Page Rank”.

Then you generate revenue by monetizing your blog. That is the key. First you create the traffic and then you have a monetizing method for this traffic that can convert for you.

The best part about this type of traffic is that it is warm traffic. It is generated through specific keywords that you program into your Traffic Zion Software. So the traffic source is other WordPress bloggers that share similar interest in your niche blog topic. So the traffic is evergreen, warm and extremely targeted.

Another great point is that Dimitri created this product for himself first based on a method that he used to get views to his personal website. He then partnered with a software developer to help him automate the process he was using to get views likes and shares to his own WordPress website.

Also there is no ongoing cost with this software. You pay a one time fee and then the software naturally generates free traffic to your website from the first day of installation.

Check out these stats on this blog…traffic_zion_install


You can clearly see that before June there was nothing happening on this blog. July you saw a massive pickup in traffic and here in August the traffic continues to pour in.

There is full training on how to set up your wordpress blog, how to set up your gravatar account and how to install Traffic Zion. Also, you can contact customer support if you get stuck but I don’t see that happening. In the how to set up the software Demetrios advises against setting more than 5 blogs using this software. Also, in the how to section it states that you need to purchase VPN proxies but in truth you do not. Especially if you are only using one WordPress blog.

Now there are a ton of included bonuses if you decide that this software is right for you.

Free Bonus #1.. No purchase necessary. Just for watching the next video I am giving you a Free report explaining…

  • Secrets to creating the most amazing content you’ve ever made!
  • How to save tons of time creating content by leveraging the work of others!
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Free Bonus #2.. I am including a free video that shares a “how to run Traffic Zion 24/7 without having to load it on your computer”

Free Bonus #3… How to get free access to a WordPress plugin that gives you unlimited free viral content that you can reproduce over and over to get unlimited traffic to your affiliate offers.

So if you are ready to see the next demonstration video the click on the image below….

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