How to Promote Your Website & Get Free Traffic?

In today’s brand building tip we’re going to cover How to Promote Your Website & Get Free Traffic. Using these strategies you’ve got a much better chance of getting sales, getting email subscribers and really just growing your brand so if this sounds interesting to you continue reading. That’s what we’re going to cover here today.

Alright so what I want to share with you is something that I’ve done over and over and over again. It follows these three principles right here. Some people think that you’re going to build a blog or a website and you’re going to publish some content and then Google is going to go out there and find you and then index you.

Then you’re going to get a whole bunch of traffic. That’s not really how it works. It can work long term slowly if people find your website. If they link to it, if they share it, like that can kind of happen. However, it’s going to take a long time and you’re kind of hoping that it gets picked up by someone that’s going to share it.

We can speed up this process pretty quickly. That’s what I’m going to be covering here. I’m going to be sharing with you is a strategy we have been using with our new brand and we’re getting over 40,000 unique visitors every single month.

We actually had a month that we had over 85,000 unique visitors by following this set of principles right here. Number one what does a blog or a website need in order for people to find it? Well you might have guessed it is content. What is content? What kind of content can we publish?

Well you can publish a lot of how-to blog posts or guides or any of that type of content. One way to find that kind of content is to go to YouTube and just search “how to” and then let it auto fill. For example “how to catch more bass”. You can find topics that are going to be an article. Start with the how to’s and then from there you’ll start to build out your content using those as your base.

You can also use Google. Go to Google and use the same method and see what populates. You can use other keyword suggestion tools like /ubersuggest/ that will also work to give you blog ideas. That way you can start to create content that people are naturally searching for and then find on your blog. That’s rule step number one. Find content that people are using search to find. Content is just one part of the strategy.

The next strategy is to get outside traffic to find your website. We can’t wait to be found by Google. We have to get the ball rolling by bringing in external traffic. What I mean by that is by using YouTube we can leave a website link in our description box and create a call to action in our video inviting people visit our blog. You can further utilized the description box by providing  more resources that can add value.

Another way we can benefit by the video posts that we can create is by recycling the content by embedding that video on out blog and then we can write an article around that piece of content.

Another thing you can do is write a blog post about it and summarize it and then point people over to the video.  You can also invite viewers from the  video back over to the content on your blog. You can start getting some eyeballs and some traffic coming over to our blog. This known as cross promoting.

By using this cross promoting technique it also has SEO benefits because it also places a backlink back to our piece of blog content. Google likes links and they like links from from authority sites. Authority sites means a site that has a high authority. YouTube has a high authority so that link going back to your blog will help you get noticed by Google. We want to add that back link automatically in our description that’s pointing back to our blog.

Another strategy is to cross promote similar content in out blog and on our YouTube channel. What we have described so far can be duplicated in our different social media outlets as well. What works on YouTube can be duplicated on Instagram or Pinterest.  It doesn’t matter what the media source is, it just means that we’re getting outside eyeballs to then come over to our content. If we do this, we are amplifying our content so to speak by getting more eyeballs on it.

Using these strategies allows us to give Google what they want. That means more traffic is coming through search. Eventually, people will start back linking and sharing our content.

This next strategy is the secret sauce. Email, what do I mean by that? Well if we have an email list we can say “hey I just published something on YouTube, go check it out” or I can say “hey I just posted a blog post go check it out”.

This allows me to speed up that process really really quickly. That’s why I’m so really relentless about telling people to go out there and build an email list. An email list allows you to speed up that process and it allows you to start communicating with your audience. It allows you to let them know when your posting other content on social media.

By doing that you have a greater chance for these people to start sharing some of this content. The other cool thing is by you sending them an email about one of these pieces of social media content, now they’re like “oh let me see what else they’re doing on Facebook”. Then they’re going to go look at at your Facebook fan page or maybe they’ll go to your blog. Then they’ll start going through some of your past content and then they’re going to start maybe sharing it with other groups. So email is another way to get people to promote your content for you.

This will ultimately drive traffic back to your  blog or website. If we do that over and over again we’re gonna start getting a slow drip of traffic and then all of a sudden it’s going to build up. Then more and more traffic will start pouring into our blog or website. Over time this list is going to get bigger if we are delivering high quality content. It is not enough to create content. It has to be easily consumable and it has to be something people perceive as having value.

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