Here’s How to Start Affiliate Marketing for FREE!

Do you want to get started with affiliate marketing for free? In this blog I’m gonna share with you five actionable steps to get started with affiliate sales free of charge today. No funds down , no coin up front, you got nothing to lose so keep reading.

Now, it’s important for me to disclose that if you are getting into this without any money you’re gonna be at a detriment compared to people who are willing to invest some coin up front.

It would be unfair of me to tell you that if you compared your “no money down” results to someone that was investing $100 to $1000 that you’re gonna end up with the same quality of results or success. I want to clearly articulate that little statement out there while still supporting my initial statement that you can still get started doing affiliate marketing today with no money. It just means you are going to have to work harder and get around some hurdles. The good thing is that there’s nothing to lose.

Start Affiliate Marketing For Free – Step #1 Choose Your Niche.

Alright, so step one is to choose a niche. You have to come up with the topic or subject matter that you want to go after for your business. So choosing a niche is gonna be a tough decision for a lot of people who are just getting started and here’s my advice for that. I get a lot of people who ask questions, should I elect something that I’m passionate about or should I look for something that is more explicitly a money maker? And my advice for you, if you’re just getting started, peculiarly if you’re getting started for free, is to just go after a niche that “you think you’re” enthusiastic about”, at least for your first business. Because it is that passion that will get you over the first set of hurdles.

Now I’m not saying that for every business that you may want to build in the future. But for your first one, specifically the first one, I think it’s okay to go for your what’s in your heart. .

If you happen to know something or you’re passionate about something, the likely hood is you have competitive edge such as more knowledge and expertise that you can utilize in your business. This will allow you to create better material and relate to your audience better. One thing I wanna point out is you don’t have to be an expert. There is a plenty of people that have some knowledge about their subject matter that do not consider themselves to be  an expert.

You just have to know enough to teach someone else or to help someone else gain a new perspective. So honestly, it’s a limiting mindset to think that you have to be the world’s leading expert before you can help someone else learn  something. It’s just not true. You can start today, you don’t have to be an expert. Since you are familiar with the subject matter and have some good foundational understanding, you can keep growing and learning. Eventually one day you will become an expert. So step number 1 is choosing a niche.

Now the problem is if you go after something that you’re not enthusiastic about. Let’s say you go after something like laser engineering. Alright, I don’t know anything about lasers. I don’t really care for lasers but let’s say it’s extremely profitable to talk about lasers, okay? And if I go into this and I start trying to produce material surrounding lasers and I try to promote or produce some  products that I know nothing about. I’m gonna get burned out because frankly I don’t care, it’s not enjoyable recreation for me.

You wanna do something that is gonna fulfill you and not just financially but fulfill you in a sense of having fun, in a sense of giving you a sense of joy and attainment. Number 1, enter into something you’re enthusiastic about, so you don’t get burned out.  Your next step, this is how you get started for free, this is the key step right here guys.

Start Affiliate Marketing For Free- Step #2 Start a YouTube Channel

If you wanna get started for free you have to start a YouTube channel. There’s no other way that’s better than creating a YouTube channel. So traditionally what you would do if you had let’s say $70 to $100 to invest. You actually only need about 70 bucks to create a website these days, which is actually another great way to get started for some.

So I frequently recommend that if you have the money, I would do both the website and the YouTube channel and combine it. That’s when the magical happens. However, if you have no money, you’re dead broke, you can start a YouTube channel. It’s free, it’s completely free to get started. Now I know as soon as you read that a YouTube channel is the best way to go, a lot of people started thinking of all the excuses why you can’t do that. But please understand your excuses are just that. They aren’t real hurdles unless you let those excuses hold you back. If it is just that you don’t know how to get started then search YouTube. There are a ton of how to videos about making YouTube videos.

And if you have weaknesses, like let’s say you don’t like being on camera. You don’t have to be on camera. A lot of videos that I have made in the past don’t have my face on them. There are a ton of You Tubers that don’t even use their own voices. You can get people to do voice overs for you on Fiverr. Or there are programs that you can get for free that allow you to record synthesized voice overs. So you could do that. Another option is you could hire someone to be your spokes person on a video. You can also outsource the video editing. Also, if you are broke you can ask a friend to help you out in exchange for some service that you can provide them.

And ya know, there’s gonna be a lot of resistance here but trust me, this is the best lane to go down. Because when you create a YouTube video and you create a YouTube channel you can get traffic to your content free of charge. Your videos don’t even have to be in the top of search to make you money. A lot of my traffic comes from related video clicks.

What is great about video marketing is it doesn’t cost you anything to create this material. Write now if you have an iPhone or a smart phone with a camera then that right there is your video camera. You don’t need to buy an expensive camera. I have seen some successful YouTubers where that is all they do is shoot video using their phone.

If you don’t want to do the YouTube channel you have to create a website. However, it costs some coin to make a website. Now there are some free options like but to get your own domain and really do it right then your talking about $70 to $80 to get started. That’s probably the cheapest you can get started with. Honestly that’s what I recommend.

Start Affiliate Marketing For Free- Step#3 Join Some Affiliate Networks

Every business needs a product to sell. Unless you make a product your self  then you have to sell the product of someone else.  To do that you have to join the affiliate platforms. So the one that I always recommend for rookies is called Amazon Associates. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s Amazon’s affiliate program. You probably have seen someone promoting a product by doing a review video and then you will see there Amazon associates links in the description box.

Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world. You can find just about any product that you can think of to promote in just about any niche. You have to join the affiliate program. That’s why we have to create the YouTube channel because when you participate in the Amazon Associates affiliate system, they ask you for an internet site. Now if you don’t have a website you can actually substitute it with a YouTube channel.

But what you want to do is you want to make sure that your YouTube channel is live. You want to manufacture a YouTube channel that looks like it actually has some respectable material on there.

You don’t just want to have an empty YouTube channel. So once you figure out your niche, the best way to get people to your channel is to start making review videos about products that Amazon has already available. Once you have a good amount of content then you can go to Amazon and apply to become an affiliate with them. when they accept you, you just go to the products that you did reviews on and get their links and post them in the description box.

So for instance, when people want to buy something. Let’s say they want to buy some new headphones, right? What do they do? They go online and they do research. They read reviews online and they watch review videos, right? You’ve seen these videos, you are familiar with them right? Stuff like top five headphones or best bluetooth headphones of 2018. Just a lot of nonsense like that, right? So this content is extremely powerful and efficient for selling products because it immediately speaks to people who are in that buying stage.

Now people are usually at different phases of the purchase process. Some are ready to buy and some then there are people who are just researching the topic. So you certainly don’t want to reach people who are trying to find out what is blue tooth, right? You want to be reaching people who are searching for what are the best blue tooth headphones for $200 in 2018? That’s what you want to be targeting rather than a very general topic, right? So basically are you gonna appoint material that gets beings in that buying zone, because it’s gonna be so much easier for you to sell if someone is already willing to buy, you merely need to give them that soothing approach to get them to make that purchase.

Now using Amazon is just one of the affiliate networks that you can use. There are a ton more. Like ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus and Pay Kick Start. These companies offer affiliate products that have higher payouts and larger commission percentages. They can be a challenge to get started with but there is a program that I found that helps you cut through some of that red tape. You can find more about that by visiting here.

Start Affiliate Marketing For Free- Step #4 Create Content

So step number four, that’s content. You want to make good quality content that really gives people enough information and incentive to make a buying decision. Then like we said earlier you connect that content with the Amazon affiliate links. Also you want make videos that are not selling people.

People like to buy but they hate to be sold. So once your done with the product description in the video, you show them where the link will take them and you walk them through the buying process within the video. So instead of pushing them you are leading them.  Then you issue you a simple call to action like” ok now that you have seen the product, if you ready all you have to do is take the next step and click the link in the description box and start enjoying that new product. Thank you for watching and I will see you on the next video”

Start Affiliate Marketing For Free- Step #5 Create Distribution Channels

Now you have to distribute this content. You could create the greatest video in the  world but if no one watches it. How many products are you guys going to sell? Not a trick question, it’s very simple. If your video gets discovered by zero people it is likely that you are going to attain zero sales, right? So the question is pretty simple, it’s pretty. How do you get traffic to your content? So this question comes up a great deal, like almost daily.

There’s two ways to get traffic. One of them is organic, which is free internet traffic that comes through search. Another free traffic source is the different social media outlets.  Paid traffic to be straight up, is a superior form of traffic. Because when you have nobody following you on social media or nobody following your YouTube channel, a lot of people will start asking, how do I get buyers with no following? Paid traffic is the answer. With just a little investment in paid traffic you can create a following to your YouTube channel. You can do this through Google Adsense and Facebook advertising. I like Facebook the best because you can start small and work you way up.

However, this blog is about starting free of charge. So let’s double down on the free procedure.  Your going to have to get busy. Which entails gorilla marketing tricks. So it means doing things like going on forums, right? And going on YouTube comments and leaving helpful commits. Creating threads in forums which are congruent with the forums subject matter. What we are talking about is not spam. Never leave your affiliate links directly.  What we are talking about is creating real interactions on places that allow you to post links back to your content that is consistent with what the different groups are all about.

There are thousands of subject matter centered groups on Facebook alone. So the idea is to find a group that is in your niche. Then when appropriate contribute to the conversation and then offer links back to your niche content so that people can view it. It has to be a natural organic flow. So if you’re on a forum for example answer questions, help people out, stipulate a position and people will start thanking you. You want to show appreciation for other peoples post and they will be more likely to scratch your back in return. You don’t want to be the person that just takes.

That’s the keyword, organic. Don’t make it seem like a sale. If people know that they’re being sold to they don’t like it, right? So instead, why don’t you actually try and furnish some real value to people and help people out.

Well those are the five steps that you need to take to be successful in affiliate marketing I hope you found them helpful. Now keep in mind that there are a ton of other ways to market your content. One great way is through email. In fact here is more information below about how to market using email.

Infographic - Planting The Seeds To Grow Your Email Subscriber List