Commission Gorilla Review- Sales Pages That Convert and Make You Money


Today we are doing a Commission Gorilla Version 2 review. We’re just taking a look at the software and the big question is “does this software actually help you make money?”.  In this review I’m going to answer that question.

So first I want to show you an actual sales page that I created using Commission Gorilla. What you see here is  a sales page I am using for Commission Gorilla itself. This software easily allows you to create custom landing pages without any coding skills or computer knowledge. It is pretty much point and click.

One advantage to this software is it does not require you to pay any ongoing hosting fees. That has been a problem in the past when you wanted to use a high quality landing page creation tools. When you create these pages, the pages are hosted via Commission Gorilla’s hosting platform.  So there is no need to own your own website or buy a website domain name.

The software includes done for you bonus offers that you can use to add more value to your sales proposition.  I’m going to show you that in the back-office in just a moment. The software stores custom bonuses as well and allows you to include them as a bonus offer on your sales page.

The software also integrates directly with many affiliate program platforms like JV Zoo. So after you create these landing pages and add the bonuses you can load the bonuses page in the back-office of the affiliate platform. That way when the customer’s product is delivered, your bonuses get delivered as well. So it really is set it and forget it.

So why should you use it.  Well I can only answer that by explaining why I use it. One reason is it allows me to create these incredible sales pages, bridge pages or if you like landing pages. They are simple to create and don’t require a lot of time.  It also allows me to offer custom bonuses as well.

When you go to my Commission Gorilla landing page you will be able to see all the bonuses that you can create and put into your landing page. These bonuses are what really stimulates sales. Also,when a new product comes out for instance, I’ll create one of these landing pages and send people on my email list to it so they can take advantage of that product.

Also, if the affiliate product is good but has a bad sales page I can just use my landing page as a sales page and just bypass the entire done for you sales page.  CG allows you to then go directly to the back-office point-of-sale.

So how does it make you money you might ask? The the secret to effective affiliate sales is conversion. You can send people to a sales page all day long and if the sales page doesn’t convert then you’re not going to make any money.

Commission Gorilla allows you to warm your audience up and gives them incentives to purchase through you. I can reuse the bridge page over and over through different videos and related blog posts. It helps me to commoditize my blog and YouTube channel.

When I create different kinds of content that are related to a specific affiliate offer, I can keep using that same same sales page over and over with that new content.

If you are reading this blog I do have some special bonuses that I’m going to be including.  The first bonus is how to create a sales page on Commission guerrilla that converts up to 5 times greater than the normal CG sales page.  The second special bonus will teach you how to use Commission Gorilla to capture as many leads as you want over and over 24/7.

Make sure you watch the demo video because it really does a great job of showing  you everything that Commission Gorilla can do.  To see the demo video and my landing page click on the image below.


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