Elite Stream TV Review- Illegal and Gone Tomorrow TV?

If you found this blog page chances are you were looking for an  Elite Stream TV Review. Here we are going to check this company out by going over the company itself, the products and give a final verdict about this companies worthiness of your time and hard earned money.

The great question is, is this an MLM, an online streaming service or a fly-by-night swindle. Let’s start right now.

Elite Stream TV Review- The Company

Let’s talk about the company firstly. The company does not have any written description of who owns it. For me that is an instant red flag. That means there is no pride of ownership or the owner wants to protect himself should the business go south.

There is a marketing video on the website that unveils the owner is Caujuan Mayo. The website domain which was registered on 8/12 /2018 to Caujuan which indicates this is a new business for Caujuan.

Caujuan is not new to the internet marketing scene.  He has a YouTube channel with videos that promote Royaltie and Finish Line Network.

Elite Stream TV Review- The Product

There are no retail capable products. The only product that is available for direct sale is a membership in Elite Stream TV. Once a member you have access to IPTV , which is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television. Most people just know it as internet TV.   Elite stream TV’s  website states that they have over 2000 HD channels and free access to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax Starz,  pay-per-view and on demand movies.

Elite Stream TV Review- So What’s The Hiccup?

Elite Stream TV is not the source of the streaming service. It is done using a third party. The third party provides their service under the name Kstream.  Their website address is Kstream.info.  Kstream also provides streaming services at the price of $10 a month instead of the $30 that Elite Stream Tv is charging.

This is a case of a business building a business on top of another business. Immediately this may work for a time but Elite Stream has no control over what Kstreams future has to hold so in the end it is a poor business model.

Also, Kstream lacks any written evidence that they have obtained the appropriate licensing agreements with any of the companies who hold copyrights to the content that is being distributed. That’s a legality that can’t be overlooked if your company is putting that content up for sale.

Selling copyrighted content violates intellectual property rights which means the company is going to encounter legal ramifications that will result in the termination of the company.  Since Elite Stream TV has no streaming capability themselves, their future is not looking so bright.

Elite Stream TV Review- The Verdict

Elite Stream TV has no product that they own. The company is reselling another company’s product which they are sharing without the proper licensing.

This business venture is doomed to fail and does not justify your investment of time or money.  My suggestion is to stay the straight and narrow course by promoting affiliate products. If you would like to learn how then go here.

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