How to Start a Business and Make Money Online With Less Than $100 (Step by Step Tutorial)

Most people are going to tell you that it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to make money online and start a business. Forget that! In this article I’m going to prove to you that all you need is a hundred dollars or less to start your own online business and make money.

I’m going to show you how to do this step by step without missing out on anything. I’ll prove that you only need a crispy $100 bill to make money online and start your own online business. I’m going to show you the best method to do it.

You’re going to want to watch the video above to the end. It’s pretty much an entire free course on how to make money online with little money. You will be able to do this for under $100. I’m not going to show you how to go and start a YouTube channel.

I’m not going to tell you to go and do any spammy garbage. You will learn how to start a real business online that actually makes you money. You’re going to be able to copy what I’m already doing.

I will show you proof that I’m getting positive results and you can do this by literally copying what I’m doing. I’m a very transparent guy, it starts a little bit slow at first but eventually you can make a lot of money doing this and here’s some proof. In this video I show you that I am earning $800 and $900 a month.

This is gonna be my biggest month yet and it is up to nine hundred already and I’ve still got 10 days left so so this month I’ll definitely be doing $1,500 at least. Just by using this one particular strategy.  Now I’m going to show you step by step how you can go and do this.

The first step step we are only going to spend some money but the rest of the steps are going to be completely free.

So step number one is to go out and start a website. A lot of people seem to think that starting websites is hard or you just shouldn’t or don’t need to start a website or whatever.

I think however, that if you want to start a business online, you will find that 100 percent of people that do have a business, also have a website of some sort. It doesn’t matter if  it’s affiliate marketing, drop shipping, or they’re doing personal branding, everybody has a website.

So step number one was to go and start a website. It does not cost much at all so I recommend going to this link or  you don’t have to but you need to go and find some place where you can host a website.

I recommend WordPress you can do everything right there. You simply follow the link and click on get started. The website will take you through where you pick a plan and you also get a free domain name. Usually, if you use another service, you will have to pay for that in addition to the hosting.

Just click the basic plan that’s all you need when you’re starting. Then go and put in your domain name and we’re just going to put in a random one here and then go to the next step. You want to fill out your personal details. I’m just gonna do that real quick and come back.

Once you fill in the your details there’s a couple of things you’re going want to take care of. You want to un-check all of this extra stuff. It requires that you spend unnecessary money if you don’t take care of it.  You probably could leave privacy protection on but it’s going to cost you money.

The next step is to start promoting products to make money. I’m going to show you the products that I promote. You want to go and find software products that you can get a commission on. Then you want to do a comparison review. You want to take one product and compare it to other similar products in the same industry.

Here is an example. Get Response is an internet marketing platform, when you sign up to their affiliate program, you can earn up to $100 per sign up or you can get 33% monthly recurring commissions.

That is the option I chose. What I’m doing is writing comparison posts about Get Response with other products like Click Funnels. Click Funnels allows you to get a 40 percent commission. The type of business model I am describing is called affiliate marketing.

Let me just step back to the steps real quick. To recap we are at step number one which is to go and create a website. the cost is a little over 50 bucks.

Step number two you want to find a software product that you can get  commissions from and you can compare those products with other similar products.

On this particular tutorial we’re going to be talking about how to compare Click Funnels and Get Response by writing articles. Now once you have signed up for there affiliate programs you want to log in to your WordPress dashboard. WordPress is a program that allows you to start your website. will walk you through how to set up Word Press for your website.

Your’s will be a bit more basic than the website that I am showing right now in this video. Your first step in setting up your WordPress site is to get a theme and up load it onto your WordPress site. I recommend going to My Theme Shop and click on the themes tab and then go to Schema which is a very fast and SEO optimized WordPress theme. It is free for you to use. It is a beautiful theme and it looks amazing. Down load the theme to your desktop.

Step number three is to set up your WordPress site by adding this theme to your WordPress site. To do that go back to the WordPress dashboard and find the  appearance tab.

Then click on the themes tab, you want to upload that theme by clicking the add new tab and uploading the file that you downloaded on your desktop. As you can see I’ve uploaded the theme that I just pointed out to you and then I’m going to go install it now and this is going to install this theme on the website.

It’s gonna look beautiful and we can have a look in a second. Now I’m going to click activate. So we have completed the three steps. We have set up the hosting for $59.  We have found some products to promote to get a commission. Finally, we’ve gone out and got a good WordPress theme.

Now we need to talk about tweaking your WordPress site for SEO optimization.  Once your theme is installed you want to go to the plugins tab.  The first plugin you want to install is a plugin called the classic editor.

This is free and it just makes WordPress a lot easier to use. Next you want to install a plug-in called Yoast SEO. To find these plugins just go to the plugin section and in the search tab type in the names of those to plugins one a time.

Once you have found each plugin go and install each plugin. Once you install the plugins you have to activate these two plugins. Once you’ve done that we’re ready for the next step.

I do want to point out that I’m trying to make this as clear as possible but obviously I don’t want a super long video so if you get lost just go back and go over anything you may have missed.

The easy part is starting the website finding the products but how do we get the traffic? How do we actually make money by doing this? I’m going to show you how to do it properly. how. I am going to show you why this works.

Step number four is we need to write and upload an article to your website and optimize the article based on keywords. The first place we need to start is keywords. What sort of keywords should you target? A lot of people over complicate this process.

What I do guys is instead of trying to focus on specific keywords. I use titles like Clickfunnels verses Get Response, or Click funnels verses Leadpages or Click funnels verse other competitors.

I don’t necessarily optimize for one particular keyword I just let Google rank me for all sorts of stuff because Google is pretty smart at figuring this stuff out.

Now obviously you do not want to try to rank for hard keywords like just Get Response or Click Funnels. You want to rank for things like, “what’s better Click funnels or Get Response” and the like.

To prove that this works guys before we kind of move on here’s some of the positions that I rank for for that particular article. I rank for thousands of keywords like Get Response and Click Funnels I rank for number four and all of the rest of  these.

I rank for number one and two for lots of keyword relating to the affiliate programs that I promote. What I mean by that guys as if we go to Dec search term my website is here and there’s in the snippet of an article that I wrote.

Also below that snippet is another, so this is my website at the top if we click on that it goes through to the article that I’m showing you and this is my site.  If I click on my story it’s me there, this is my real website I own this website.

I rank for hundreds and thousands of keywords guys that Google meshes all together. How do you do this? Let’s dive into how we can get this done for you. The next step is to write articles about two products that you want to promote and then compare them in your article. Let Google do the work for you.

Go back to your website and find the post tab on the left. You want to click add new and we’re literally  replicate what I’ve already done so you can see how this works. Well how it works for me.

So when you make this content, you are not spending any money to write. And this course is completely free so you know there’s no excuse not to not to go do this.

We’re going to take the title here and I’m going to put the title here. You want to remember your keywords in the title.  So we are going to add clickfunnels verse get responses which are essentially my main keywords Then you can just  add some verbiage to the rest of it to make it make sense.

I’ve at least got Click Funnels and Get Response in the title. Then you want to put some content in the main body of the post box here.  I’m going to put some content in.

The thing to remember here is that throughout the post you want add your main keywords like click funnels and get response in a way that makes sense and Google’s going to go and take random keyword phrases from this and start to rank you for things. It’s smart enough to put things together.

As we go down guys you want to put in what we call a h2 or h3 sub headers.  I like to do things like “what is clickfunnels” because it’s essentially another keyword and you highlight this and you go to the tool bar and you make this an h2 heading.

By doing this it tells Google what this paragraph is about. Then you add your text below. I’m not going to go too heavily into details on how to optimize the page because you can go online and just Google “on page SEO”.

There are a ton of videos on how to do this.  I even have videos  where I teach you about search engine optimization and how to optimize your page but I’ll show you some basic optimization here.

Honestly my best advice is just write naturally because Google can figure out the rest. Google knows how to rank your page. Just make it natural. Google loves natural content.

After you have written your content just save the draft then to click preview to see the how it will look on your site. This is going to look a little bit messy because  I haven’t optimized the theme.

Actually doesn’t look too bad to be honest.  We now have an article here that is titled “Click Funnels Versus Get Response- the automated marketing showdown”. Below it we have the posts text here.  I’ve literally just showed you this in 20 minute video.

I have show you how to go and get a website started for 50 bucks. How to load WordPress program and them. How to put up some content and how  essentially over time Google’s gonna start to rank the stuff and you’re gonna start to get traffic from Google.

I mean that’s what I do guys it’s literally what I do. This is a seven figure business a year.  This makes up part of what I do in one of my online businesses and here is the proof guys.

Step number Five let’s go over some basic optimization  The URL needs to be a little bit shorter so I’m going to make the Clickfunnels verse Get Response the main url which is what I have in my other article.

Now as we scroll down guys we have this section here this is the Yoast SEO plugin that I mentioned before. This is where we edit what the snippet looks like when Google posts it in there search engine.

We’re going to edit what we want people to see when they search this term. This does two things, it tells people what it’s about but also helps Google rank this article.

Maybe we can make this sound better by adding something like “see what this review uncovers”. It’s always good to put the word “review” in here because then you show up in Google for things like ClickFunnels review, Get Response review and so on.

So putting review in the title and the SEO title and the article and Meta Description snippet is a good thing.

You want to do a good job of making your snippet attractive in its description of your article. You want to intrigue people to click through to your article. So make sure you put the time in your title and meta description.

Step number six is to repeat step number three and four and do more articles using other keywords and products to compare. Your ultimate goal here is to create a website based on reviewing products comparing products.

And placing your affiliate links in the article so that you get a commission. There are thousands of products to choose from. For example you can do leadpages.  If I go to Google right now and I put in best funnel builders we can get a list right away.

Like leadpages, click funnels, instapage, elegant theme Divi builder, Unbounce we have an entire list of funnel building programs and guess what these guys are doing affiliate marketing. We literally just got pulled into our own marketing system.

They are doing affiliate marketing as well. Here is another idea for a blog topic. You can write about the best funnel builders and you can go put your affiliate links and just like these guys have and get a commission.

I don’t think people understand the the scale of this. You can literally do thousands, if not, hundreds of thousands of articles if you wanted to based on affiliate marketing.  You could build out this huge website that can essentially make you millions in the long run.

You might be asking yourself how do I get these buttons down here so people can click on them.  I use a plugin called Thrive Leads. It does cost a little bit of money.

You don’t have to buy this at all but it will help you in the long run. But you can just put links to your your stuff in the body of your post.

There you have it folks. I’ve literally just shown you how you can start a business online and the only cost is the website at $59 per year which is insanely cheap that is like a few cups of coffee literally.

You can start an online business for very little money and the real cost is your time and commitment.

Now if you want to learn more about how to make more money online then head over to my home page and there I will show give you more information and training.

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