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Taurise Mining Review- All Show No Substance

Chances are you are looking for a Taurise Mining Review. Here I talk about the company, their products and their business model. It seems like they put a lot of time and effort into creating the persona of the company instead of creating a legitimate mining facility.

If you would like to learn how to make money online without scamming people then check out this link…

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Mobe Shut Down by FTC

Perhaps you haven’t heard but Mobe has been shut down by FTC. Yep, they are closed for good. This digital MLM who help pioneer the high ticket training MLM sphere is now gone. They are the second high ticket MLM to be shut down after Digital Altitude. Here I share why the FTC shut them down and what you should avoid in your future business opportunity choice.

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Icoin Pro Review


hey guys it’s Michael Smith and today we’re doing an I coin Pro review. So

we’re just gonna jump right into it. The first thing I have for you is….

The top five reasons Icoin Pro is legit.

  1. they have a real corporate structure
  2. they actually put the name of the CEO which is Paul D’Souza and then the other guy his name is Justin Clark he’s the micro profit system trainer.
  3. they actually do have some real products they have general education about cryptocurrency. They have what they call a micro profit trading system which is basically a system that allows you to day trade if you ever heard of technical analysis it’s where you use charts to discern if the price of the cryptocurrency is gonna go up or down so they really go into a lot about that they teach you how to buy low sell high and they you know they do it based on these charts so it’s a great education on technical analysis which would also help you in things like stock purchases. They also have something called an RSI Spy and Trade Finder. Basically these are just two tools to tell you when certain cryptocurrencies could be purchased. It’s not an automated bot that actually purchases them for you. I think that’s a bad idea. I never put my money in the hands of technology. I always want to make sure that if I buy something I don’t want it to automatically happen I want to know what’s going on with my money and so should you.
  4. They do have ethical marketing practices. They don’t make any guarantees of returns. They don’t make any income claims and they have no spam policy. These guys are really legit when it comes to that. They’re really not out they’re sitting there saying you’re gonna make a million dollars. They’re not even saying you’re gonna make money every month but they’re giving you the tools that you need to be successful in day trading.

They don’t do any investments of your money for you. Now guys I got to tell you this is really important not just for this company but for any company that’s out there. When it comes to cryptocurrency if there is a company that wants you to invest your money into their corporation so that they can invest your money for you, they are a scam. Here’s why they are not regulated by the SEC, they are not regulated by any industry whatsoever not even the FTC because they’re violating the terms of their MLM Charter just by saying invest money in us and then we’re gonna go ahead and turn around and invest it for you. So if you see one of those scams or if someone says to you this is a good deal you should do this. Then run because that’s a scam. It’s called a Ponzi scheme and they’re there to take your money.

Listen if you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. The way you do it is the way that Icoin Pro teaches.

They have a good compensation package so if you’re wanting to promote the MLM portion of Icoin Pro then you can do that as well. The compensation plan is fair. It’s easy to understand. It’s not really complicated at all so I think it’s definitely a good company to become involved with. Continue reading

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The Four Percent Group Review

Here I share my concerns about the owner of the four percent group based on his previous immoral decisions.

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4 Must Have Business Success Principles For Internet Marketing

Here I share the specific business principles that are necessary to be successful in traditional business and how they apply to the internet marketing business.

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Easy Ways Make Money Online!!


If It Were Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It

I was surfing the internet today and I came across a blog about a WordPress plugin called WP Robot. I was like cool! Let me check it out! I am always looking for a new gadget that will make my site better! So I am reading the blog and I suddenly realized OMG another scam! This one basically goes like this. If you buy this plugin and install it on any WP website it will automatically add money making content to your site.  You will never have to do anything accept promote the website, if you want to. Really? What a bunch of BS. If I could pay a couple of hundred dollars to get free content that ranks, then I would jump on it right? I mean who wouldn t? Needless to say if it were that easy everyone would do it. Why would Google take used content and rank it just because it is now on your site? The answer is they will not! The true secret to internet success is simply


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