Email Marketing Dead?

Bulk Email Marketing Is Dead! Long may it rest in peace. Never never to be unearthed again. If you are still holding on to it, please just let it go. It s dead Jim.  With all the sophisticated spam filters that free email services and paid email services are using today about 95% of all spam mail winds up in a spam filter folder never to be seen by the human eye. Bulk email is a waste of money and time. It is unwanted, unloved and it pisses people off! Targeted and Solicited Email Marketing Is NOT! People still enjoy the convenience of receiving the information they want directly to their doorstep.  They like that they do not have to search for the information. They look forward to the next time they see something that they value in their inbox.  The lust for more and better information has not subsided. People want to be in the know. There are more media outlets than there have ever been before. There are people that have entire YouTube channels devoted to delivering the News from

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