What Are Google Circles On G+?

Google plus is Google s version of social media with a lot of added features. The entire structure of G+ is built around circles. The more people that follow you in these circles, the more opportunity you have of meeting new people and adding friends to your social network. When you follow someone and they follow back you are able to see what they post and they get to see what you post. G+ has a follow limit of 5k, so you may want to adjust who you follow if they are not following you back or engaging with you. Use Circle Sharing to Gain Followers Circles are privately owned circles of people that are interested in gaining more followers and following new people. You can add thousands of followers just by adding yourself to these circles and sharing those circles with the followers in your stream. Below is an example of a circle. When you find a circle that you would be interested in being a part of then, you simply follow the directions of the person that owns the circle. If you foll

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